You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

Thumbnail image for First-Teacher-NewCover.jpgThe latest edition of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher (Ten Speed Press, 2012) is available now.

The new subtitle is “Encouraging Your Child’s Natural Development from Birth to Age Six,” with chapters on babies and toddlers, as well as artistic, musical and cognitive activities to do with your preschool- and kindergarten-aged child. New chapters include “Home Life as the Basis for all Learning” and “Rhythm in Home Life.”

Completely revised and updated, First Teacher will be your favorite companion for creating a home life that is nourishing to every member of the family, including yourself.

Reviews of First Teacher:
“This is a terrific book, packed with commonsense advice on the real basics of healthy mental and emotional development. Rahima is a wise and knowledgeable guide for parents struggling to raise good kids in a challenging world. Someday your children will thank you for reading this book!”
–Jane M. Healy, PhD, author of Different Learners and Your Child’s Growing Mind

“Every time I dip back into You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, and there have been many times, I feel like I have been gently elevated and reasurred. Rahima gives a compass bearing to the parenting soul.”
Kim John Payne, M.Ed., author of Simplicity Parenting

“Here is an extraordinary work for those who want to develop a truly intelligent child and, in the process, unlock new levels of their own intelligence and spirit. Rahima Baldwin Dancy gives us a brilliant new insight into early childhood based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and her own rich experience as mother, midwife, and teacher. I only wish it might be required reading for both men and women in all high schools and colleges.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce, author, Magical Child

“It is Baldwin Dancy’s sensitive, sincere, and ever-so-natural tending to the soul and spirit, as well as mind and body, of the newborn and young child, that makes this a very special book.” — The Wellspring Guide

“Parents do not need a new set of rules or another authority telling them how to raise their children, only the capacity to see and understand the young child as a human being. Baldwin Dancy believes she can help parents harness the necessary ‘cognitive and intuitive knowledge’ to accomplish the task. Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child, thinks the book should be required reading for both men and women in high school and college.” — The Brown University Child Behavior and Development Letter

“In You Are your Child’s First Teacher Baldwin Dancy offers counsel and advice as from a warm and caring friend, never condescending or authoritative, but encouraging, supportive, suggesting new approaches and offering her own experiences for consideration.” — Home Education Magazine

“Baldwin Dancy helps us to see that there are real risks to treating our children like little adults. She suggests ways that we can enhance and nurture their development by making conscious choices in our efforts to educate.” — Bookmarks, newsletter of the International Childbirth Education Association

You Are Your Child’s First Teacher is a coherent explanation of Rudolf Steiner’s view on child development and places his work in the context of the current literature in the field. Rahima Baldwin Dancy brings Steiner’s esoteric approach down to earth and makes his spiritual insights available to any parent or educator who cares to nurture the whole being of the child. She explains how Steiner’s ideas are supported by the empirical and theoretical work of important development psychologists, including Burton White, Bruno Bettelheim, Jean Piaget, and David Elkind. And she does a superb job of demonstrating how these ideas can be applied in the daily practice of parenting and education. This is not a cookbook of fixed recipes, but a wonderfully stimulating resource that aims to bring out the sensitivity and creativity in all of us who live with children.” — Home Education Review

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