Waldorf Home Schooling and Home Making

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What is Waldorf Education and Waldorf Home Schooling?

Here are some informative articles by Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author of You Are Your Child's First Teacher and organizer of numerous "Waldorf in the Home" conferences:

~ What is Waldorf Education?

~ The Wisdom of Waldorf: Educating for the Future

~ Waldorf Home Schooling

There are many online resources for parents who are working to create a rhythmical home life or who are working with the Waldorf approach in home schooling their children. In addition to blogs and online discussion groups, there are several sources for curriculum resources for grades K-8. Here are some of our favorite resources:


"Homeschooling: Which Style is Right for You?" ~ CD of a keynote address by Regina Mason at a Waldorf in the Home conference.
"Meeting the Needs of the Growing Child" ~ CD of a workshop by Daena Ross, describing how the Waldorf curriculum changes to meet children's development.

Waldorf Home Schooling:

"Starting a Waldorf Enrichment Program," DVD of a workshop given by Kristie Burns.

Various videos on Waldorf home schooling and curriculum topics such as "Teaching Reading and Writing the Waldorf Way," "Form Drawing," and "Math by Hand" are available from the "Waldorf Home Schooling" section at www.waldorfinthehome.org.

Christopherus Homeschooling Resources. Founder Donna Simmons offers many resources for grades K-8 at www.christopherushomeschool.org.

Live Education! Offers a Waldorf-inspired home schooling curriculum (K-8) and advising for grades K-8. See www.live-education.com.

Waldorf Without Walls, consulting and resources for home schoolers from Barbara Dewey, www.waldorfwithoutwalls.com.

Online Waldorf Library is a valuable resource site for home schoolers, www.waldorflibrary.org.

Resources on Conscious Home Making:

"Family Matters: Homemaking 101 for Busy Parents" workshop by Rahima Baldwin Dancy in DVD or CD format. Describes four "lenses" for looking at your home life; also discussed in detail in her book, You Are Your Child's First Teacher.

Home Away from Home. LifeWays Care of Children and Families by Cynthia Aldinger and Mary O'Connell (LifeWays). Although written for childcare professionals, the resources about creating a home (or home-like environment) and The Living Arts bring valuable insights for parents.

LifeWays North America (www.lifewaysnorthamerica.org) offers workshops and part-time trainings throughout the US and in Canada for parents and childcare professionals. Also offers CDs and DVDs on life as the curriculum, naptime, discipline, and more.

Living Passages for the Whole Family by Shea Darian (Gilead). Creating rites of passage from birth to adulthood.

Making a Family Home by Shannon Honeybloom (SteinerBooks). "Creating a home is a process of imbuing our space with soul and spirit, surrounding our family with love, care, comfort."

Mothering without a Map by Kathryn Black (Penguin). A must-read for the emotional minefields of being a mother.

Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes (Left to Write Press). Stories and inspiration for reclaiming domesticity and sustainability from a consumer culture.

Rhythm of the Home (www.rhythmofthehome.com) is an e-zine featuring many articles and resources for conscious homemaking.

Sanctuaries of Childhood by Shea Darian (Gilead Press). Considers the sanctuaries of family life, sleep, nature, music, poetry, stories, prayer and others.

Seven Times the Sun by Shea Darian (Gilead Press). Guiding your child through the rhythms of the day, with lots of songs and practical suggestions.

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. Support for simplifying environments, rhythms, and schedules, and protecting children from the concerns of adult life.

Sophia's Hearth (www.sophiashearth.org) is a family center combining Waldorf and Pikler/RIE principles for early childhood; offers workshops and trainings in New Hampshire.

Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker by Manfred Schmidt-Brabant. A leading German Waldorf educator (and single father), describes homemaking in its broader context.

The Wonder of Childhood (www.wonderofchildhood.com) is a monthly e-zine supporting home life and home schooling.

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