Igniting the Inner Life (book)

Igniting the Inner Life
Book by Regina Sara Ryan

The inner life is the intrinsic spiritual dimension of existence. To ignite it is to make a pilgrimage within–to move from “out there” to “in here” in the orientation of life, work, choices and relationships. This book is immensely practical and is directed to anyone with a focus on spirituality, self-understanding, contemplative prayer, God or the awakening of the heart’s knowledge regardless of the religious tradition they follow.

Regina has been a keynote speaker at our conference on “Mothering and Spirituality” and led a teleseminar with us around the chapters of her book The Woman Awake. She will be a featured presented, along with Rahima Baldwin Dancy at a workshop in February, 2011 on “Igniting the Inner Life through Parenting.”
From the table of contents of Igniting the Inner Life:
• Love in the Time of Terror
• The Inner Life
• Self Observation, First and Always
• The Prayer Alternative
• The Art of the Heart
• Barriers to the Inner Life
• Pilgrimage and the Inner Life
• Kill Your Darlings–On Attachments
• Broken, Everything
• Practices and Prayers

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Mother-Lines of the Spirit

Mother-Lines of the Spirit
Keynote by Carol Lee Flinders

Biological mother-lines are the channels through which our evolutionary inheritance flows. Spiritual mother-lines come into existence when we take our evolution into our own hands. We will explore how they connect us with mothers, daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters in altogether new ways, and with women we may never meet face to face: a Dorothy Day or Aung San Suu Kyi; a Teresa of Avila or Wangari Maathai. They can render us fearless, resourceful and radiant. Distinct, yet joined like partners in a dance, the mother-lines of body and spirit turn and twine within us like the double helix of our DNA.

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Becoming Mother

Becoming Mother–Spirituality, Femininity and Earth Transformation
Keynote by Regina Sara Ryan

Female or male, the task for each conscious human person is to “become Mother.” Whether we have physically borne children or not, the knowledge of “mother”–as the one who facilitates birth, nurturance and maturation, and death and renewal–is present in the cells of the body.

Sadly, this knowledge of “Mother” often remains obscured and unavailable to us. We can, however, turn to one another, to the great “Mothers” from the past (women or men), and to the images and understanding of God as Mother to find the inspiration, courage and wisdom to transform our own hearts, to serve our children and families, and to ultimately celebrate and honor the Earth Mother on whom we all depend.

Regina Sara Ryan is the author of The Woman Awake. Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life

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Embracing the Dark: Kali Energy in Life and Practice

Embracing the Dark: Kali Energy in Life and Spiritual Practice
Workshop by Regina Sara Ryan

When we only look to the sublime and blissful images of the Divine for our consolation, we often fail to recognize the face of the Divine in those experiences and energies that do not fit our limiting stereotypes. However, the fierce and erotic Goddesses such as Kali and Smashan Tara must be approached with tremendous respect, awe, humility and caution. Using stories and the contemplation of sacred images of the Dark Mother, this workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect upon and rekindle our longing for Wholeness–for a deeper appreciation of full-bodied spiritual life and practice.

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The Woman Awake

The Woman Awake. Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life
Book by Regina Sara Ryan

Over the course of 15 years, Regina Sara Ryan, a former Catholic nun, began her search for the “feminine face of God.” This book is the result of that search. Stories of her own compelling journey are intersected by those of 24 great women of spirit who guided her through inspiration, or touched her by their personal presence, including:

  • Sufi master, Irina Tweedie
  • Christian monk, Mother Tessa Bielecki
  • Zen teacher and anthropologist, Joan Halifax
  • Hadewijch of Antwerp and the Beguines of medieval Europe
  • AIDS activist and spiritual teacher, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
  • Artist and writer, Meinrad Craighead
  • Humanitarian, Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross–and others.

    Chapters include:
    One–The Awakening/A Path of Annihilation
    Two–The Desert Path: Silence, Solitude and Prayer
    Three–The Path of Waiting/The Way of Surrender
    Four–The Path of Mother
    Five–The Path of Compassion
    Six–The Path of Darkness
    Seven–The Path of the Warrior/The Way of Power
    Eight–The Path of Service
    Nine–The Path of Art and Inspiration
    Ten–The Path of the Body/The Path of Sex
    Eleven–The Path of Devotion
    Twelve–The Path of Community

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  • Re-Imagine Money, Economic Citizenship

    “Re-imagine Money: Toward a New Economic Citizenship”
    Keynote Address by John Bloom

    Money reflects the architecture of human experience, our interior and exterior spaces, and the intersection of the two. This presentation looks at the opportunities we can take to reimagine those structures, to transform how we think about and transact with money as a step toward positive economic practices. By transforming ourselves in community and aligning our deepest spiritual values with our economic citizenship, we will lead the next generation to a freer and hopefully more enlightened relationship to money and the world of finance. In addition to the presentation, dialogue with the audience is included.

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    Standing in the Heart

    Standing in the Heart: The Brain of the New Intelligence
    Workshop by Claudia McLaren Lainson

    Our children are coming with a heart knowing that requires us to meet them with our heart if they are to recognize us as authorities, guides and pathfinders. Making the changes these children need requires our moving into the new intelligence. Who are these children and what changes do I need to make in myself to meet them?

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    The Human Soul & the Soul of the Earth

    “The Human Soul and the Soul of the Earth”
    Keynote Address by Cynthia Hoven

    Understanding our sacred and intimate connection with the earth can warm our heart forces and strengthen our will. The earth is a living being, whose soul breathes with the seasons and expresses itself in the cycles of nature. The wealth of pictures developed by Rudolf Steiner in his booklet The Calendar of the Soul and other works guide the contemplation of this vital topic.

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    Language of Virtues

    “Learning the Language of Virtues”
    Workshop by Cynthia Wand

    By helping your children relate to the virtues or values that underly all social and religious life, you can help their inner development as well as their outer actions. Cynthia is a Waldorf home schooling parent and a Master Facilitator with Virtues Project International, a model global program for families that has been honored by the United Nations.

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