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The Value of "Wait"

grandma copy.jpgDo you know Janet Lansbury's blog "Elevating Child Care"? She has written a fantastic article about "The Parenting Magic Word." It's wait. Take a look at this great article--you'll immediately be able to apply it in your life!

The photo at left is by Harriette Hartigan of Insight Photography.

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I like how wait is the magic word. It seems like everyone's on the go these days that even when it comes to parenting, people would want to make the whole process of natural development go faster.

Just like what they say about great things coming to the those who wait, it is also basically the same when it comes to parenting. Every little moment with your child is very important and you must savor each one because they are just too precious. You just have to wait and not rush the whole process though.

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