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LifeWays Training Programs

The LifeWays Child Care and Human Development Training is a specialized program developed specifically for this new approach to child care and parent education. Along with the study of child development from pre-birth to young adult, there is an emphasis on the training of the caregiver's speech, voice and movement skills, handwork, and domestic arts, as well as social exercises dealing with cultural diversity, personal development and adult relationships. There is also a component on government regulations and requirements for both in-home and center locations. Ongoing continuing-education programs enhance the initial training.

"The training is nothing short of extraordinary! What a gift to children and their parents and caregivers that the wisdom of the nurturing and domestic arts is being revived. You are a master at blending deep knowledge of child development with the practical skills of parenting and nurturing, balancing it all with wisdom, sensitivity and humor! It's nothing short of genius that you have created the vision and the actual framework to put it all together into a year-long program. Wow!" - Theresa Catlin, 2002 LifeWays Graduate

Training Centers
LifeWays is currently offering the certificate training program in three locations:

East Troy, Wisconsin at the LifeWays Centers in East Troy and Milwaukee
On the East Coast in Maine
On the West Coast at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California

Contact Cynthia Aldinger at cynthia@lifeways-center.org or telephone 405-245-8033 for more information.

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